Paul Ricard's work

Michèle Ricard landlady of the «Domaine de Méjanes»

Paul Ricard’s gift to his daughter Michèle Ricard

At the beginning of October 1970, Paul Ricard offers to his daughter the most beautiful gift possible. The Domaine de Méjanes.

Wedding at the Domaine de Méjanes

On the 22nd of October 1970, Michèle Ricard celebrates her marriage with Fermin Diaz. Father of her wonderful Children, François-Xavier and Virginie.

For her traditional Arlésienne bridal gown, Michèle Ricard visits the Queen of Arles, Françoise Calais. She asks her if she would help her chose her wedding dress. Françoise happily agrees and takes a lot of pride in doing so. In Madam Birot’s famous shop, on Republic avenue in Arles, the two young women with Michèles Ricard’s mother attending, choose the fabric for the dress. Madam Birot works with the most prestigious Parisian fashion house. The exact ones where Farah Diba, spouse of Iran’s Shah, gets her supplies at. They choose lace, underskirts; everything is refined, elegant, and beautiful. On the morning of the 22nd of October, Michèle Ricard’s entire family arrives at the «Domaine de Méjanes». Michèle is ready, she is glowing, and her beauty is mesmerizing.

The day will be unforgettable. It will be a day of parading with countless horse riders in gardian and Andalusian costume.