Planning of the domaine de Méjanes

Planning of the Domaine de Méjanes

All year-round, the Domaine de Méjanes holds many meetups, beautiful occasions to fully enjoy with your friend, your family, or bigger groups, an immersive experience in the Camargue culture, surrounded by a movie like scenery. Guided tours of the Domaine de Méjanes can be done on foot, horse riding, in a towed trailer, or riding the Petit Train. A real discovery of the Manade de Méjanes gardians' daily life with bull entertainments, educational presentations, and shows awaits you.

Festive days and nights are organised by the Bergerie de Méjanes and the Mazet du Vaccarès restaurants around the Arènes de Méjanes and the Vaccarès pond.

The planning of the 2021 season of the Domaine de Méjanes is in progress. We are preparing beautiful surprises for you...